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System Selection
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DurkeeSox fabric air dispersion system applications in Supermarkets,department stores, recreational facilities,etc.
Having the features of even and comfortable air dispersion;health and enviroment protection;easy to clean and maintain,etc.



Low ceiling height, short installation time constraint, and aesthetic requirement are some of the challenges Carrefour Supermarket applications face. Traditional ductworks tend to have poor air dispersion plus tedious ductwork cleaning task after installation. With the establishment of health regulations that make periodic

cleaning of the ventilation system mandatory, DurkeeSox fabric air dispersion system has become the natural choice by large commercial retailers, as the system is easy to clean, and environmental friendly. In addition, the quick and easy installation of DurkeeSox system is a perfect fit for the busy grand opening schedule (less than three month). So far,DurkeeSox fabric air dispersion system had installed almost 10 Carrefour project in China.
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