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A flexible end system in HVAC/R made of special fabric, to replace traditional air ducts, air valves, diffusers and insulations, namely DurkeeSox air dispersion system. DurkeeSox air dispersion system has many distinctive features, such as even airflow with great comfort, condensation free, hygienic & healthy, quick installation, easy to cleaning and maintenance, etc. Textile duct Manufacturers directory - over 5000000 registered importers and exporters. Textile duct Manufacturers, Textile duct suppliers.Find Textile duct made in china products.
DurkeeSox textile duct system disperses airflow through fabric permeation

Even & Comfortable

DurkeeSox system disperses airflow through fabric permeation and designed multi-row orifices to form a tridimensional air dispersion effect with great comfort, overall even airflow and precise air throw.
Point to point air supply through air diffuser.Limited air supply areas, big and uneven velocities.
duct sox as well as the color could be customized and individually designed

Simple & Aesthetic

Multiple standard color and customized color/patterns are available to blends well with any indoor decor.

Limited color available, additional decoration cost might be needed for a better appearance. Layout is disorder and complicated with excess diffusers, various hanger and support brackets and flanges.
no insulation is required to prevent condensation of fabric ductwork

Condensation FREE

Supply cooling air is permeated through fabric forming an air layer around fabric duct to result in no temperature difference between inside and outside; therefore no insulation is required to prevent condensation.
Improper use of thermal insulation thickness, quality and installation could all lead to the condensation problem.
DurkeeSox fabric air dispersion system is very easy to clean


NanoSox®Fabric Duct System is very easy to launder. Improved IAQ meets higher healthy and environment-friendly requirements./span>
Small space in the duct which is difficult for washing.
DurkeeSox system uses flexible ventilation material operating in lower velocity


As Nanosox® is flexible system, there will be no resonance of duct and equipment during operation.
Loud noise generated from metal ductwork and AHUs affects surrounding environment .
DurkeeSox is very light weighted only 1/40 of traditional metal fabric duct

Light weight

Light weight of 7.2oz/yd2(245g/m2) which is 1/40 weight of traditional
metal duct.
Metal material around 300oz/yd2(10kg/m2), and overloading with the components like flange, etc.
Greatly shorten the construction period, and no more material wasted on jobsite


It is well assembled product before out of factory, easy for installation.The installation time is only 1/10 comparing with the traditional ductwork and there is no material consumed at site.
The installation is expensive and time-consuming as the ductwork is heavy and inconvenient for operation.
Introduce large laser production line and system simulation platform
into DurkeeSox system

Reliable quality

Introduce large laser production line and system simulation platform
into DurkeeSox system, all products are manufactured in our factory,
to ensure high pressure resistance, tiny passive permeability, etc
basic properties.
Traditional ductsare usually fabricated at site, it’s a time consuming taskbecause of the heavy weight of ducts and installation complexity. It increase the total cost.
 large space laminar flow model makes
DurkeeSox fabric ductwork system energy saving


A simpler NanoSox® design can replace the whole metal ductwork system including air ducts, valves, diffusers and insulation materials, lightweight, easy transportation and installation to reduce overall cost.
Difficult to disassemble and reuse due to its metal material, together with air diffuser and air damper.
easy transportation and installation to reduce overall cost


Simpler design could save a lot compareing, in materials quantity and waste, with GI ductwork. Effective overall cost-performance from even & comfortable, condensation free, healthy & green, simple and quick installation and easy to maintenance aspects.
The metal ductwork consumes large quantity of material, more accessories and components. The overall installation is complicatied and expensive.
What is worth mentioning, DurkeeSox@was awarded the installation work of fabric ducts in 50 new built stores in whole Asia by CARREFORE in 2008, and it is the largest order in fabric air duct industry globally. That meant more and more new built CARREFOUR stores in China Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and other Asia areas selected DurkeeSox air dispersion system.
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