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Durkeesox® products fall into permanent fire resistant, washable fire resistant coating treated and fire proof fabric material totally three catalogues, complemented by global unique rectangular fabric ductwork, tension ring, wall-pass through etc all kinds of specialized fittings, components and accessories, contributing to a more comprehensive product series and better material technology. Fabric Ductwork Manufacturers & Fabric Ductwork Suppliers Directory - Find a Fabric Ductwork Manufacturer and Supplier.

Comprehensive product line up

1.Full range of fabric material
hree major series, Inherent permanent fire resistant, coated fire resistant, and fire proof series, with variations of regular, antistatic and anti microbial emphasize.
2.Complete duct profile
In addition to common round, half round, and quarter round shaped fabric ducts, the new large half round, and patented rectangular shape are added to the product line up to deliver large airflow in a height constraint building.
3.Versatile fittings
On top of regular fittings (inlet, end cap, elbow, T-connector), New fittings, such as square to round, Y inlet, beveled end cap, tension ring, wall pass-through and expansion segment and more are introduced to fit various applications.
4.System components
nnovative and patented PAD (Pressure Adjustment Device), ACD (Airflow Control Device), and FAF (Fabric Air Filter) complete the system.
Airflow can be discharged through fabric permeation, mesh slot, s-slot, linear slot, orifice, nozzle, and ring.

Premium fabric material


1.Superior fire resistant NanoSox
Powered by nano technology, the superior permanent fire resistance performance of NanoSox does not degrade after repeated laundering.

2.Advanced antimicrobial and antistatic technology
Integrated antimicrobial and antistatic agent assure system performance throughout the service life.
3.Nonflammable Fibersox material
Nonflammable Fibersox is made of non-organic fire proof material. It is classified under nonflammable class A type, to meet the most stringent fire safety requirement.
4.Unique micro permeability technology
Permeability as low as 0.5 cfm/ft2 ( 9m3/m2/h) can be achieved to ensure minimum air permeation in high pressure large systems, while still maintain condensation free.

5.Best industry warranty
Exceptional product series are backed by unmatched industry warranty. A 15 years, 10 years, and 8 years limited warranties come with NanoSox , LaminSox and FiberSox series.

Professional design and installation


1.World leading air dispersion system technology
With the large space airflow lab and modern CFD computer simulation technology, DurkeeSox engineers can tackle the most complicated and most demanding project with precision and confidence.

2.Detailed design manual and iCase application gallery
Accompanied with thousands client iCase application gallery, the new DurkeeSox system design manual is easy to follow and easy to find reference project designs to achieve optimum solutions.
3.iSox design software
Unique iSox CAD design software makes the precision system design a breeze.
4.3X3 project service system
All projects are recorded in the dynamic customer service program at DurkeeSox technology & service center. Three phases of pre-installation design services and three service procedure during and after installation ensure the highest quality standard and best service.

5.Full installation manual & specialized tools
Extensive work flow pictures in the detailed installation instruction, along with proprietary tool (cable tightener) quickly turn a novice installer to professional in no time.

Advanced production


1.Large scale laser automatic production line
The introduction of one of the largest automatic laser fabric system production lines, brings highest precision manufacturing to the industry.

2.System field test platform
All finished product under go system field test in the system field test lab, to ensure system perform as per customer request and system design.

3.Comprehensive product quality assurance systems

DurkeeSox is the only manufacturer certified under ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHS18001, and UL AJIJ / AC167 (Underwriter Laboratory).

4.Precise and fast delivery
With efficient management and streamlined production and logistic department, DurkeeSox boasts the shortest product lead time to meet the approaching dead lines.

5、Clear product labeling and tracking system
All finished products, components and packages are systematically labeled and grouped for easy handling and installation. All production information is traceable with component product serial number.

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