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1.How long is DurkeeSox system's service life ?

DurkeeSox system practical service life depends on application environment, AC system, etc factors. Generally, service life of NanoSox exceed 20 years, LaminSox 15 years, FiberSox 10 years. Our warranty for NanoSox is 15 years, LaminSox 10 years, FiberSox 8 years.

2.Does DurkeeSox system meet the fire safety regulation in different countries and regions in global market?

As an end air dispersion system in HVAC, DurkeeSox has passed all kinds of widely recognized international certificates and fire testings include UL product certificate under US NFPA 90A and AC-167, UL fire testing under US ASTM-E84, testing certificate under EN13501-2002 class B1-s1,d0, and China official fire certificate under GB-8624-2006-Class B-s1,d0,t1 and Class A. DurkeeSox system meets or surpasses code regulations on fire safety in all countries and regions .

3.DurkeeSox system looks nice when inflated, how it looks like when uninflated, not nice?

DurkeeSox system is made of flexible material, it will drop down on shape, but not crumple when no working. To gain a better visual effect when the system does not run, you can choose double rows suspension system, when looked from underside, almost no difference in appearance from what it looks like when fully inflated, a little in oval shape though.

4.Can DurkeeSox replace all types of air ducts? Could it be used for air return ductwork?

DurkeeSox is made of flexible material, can only work in positive pressure of air supply system and could not be used as air return ductwork, Meanwhile transportation ductwork inside machine room or suspended ceiling is neither optimum application environments.

5.Would DurkeeSox system have condensation problem without installation material in outside of duct?

Cooling air permeates through fabric to form air layer around duct to result in no temperature difference between inside and outside, radically resolve the condensation problem.

6.It seems that DurkeeSox system has the good performance on cooling or refrigeration application, How about in heating application? whether the heating air could get down?

DurkeeSox system's air dispersion principle is to apply induction type laminar flow air dispersion, when air flow is ejecting out of the duct openings in high velocity, compared with ordinary AC system, heat exchange with ambient air in the height is rare, the airflow will not dispersed till the air flow reaches destination area, thus little difference between cold air and hot air dispersion. In practical application, AHU if matchs with cold & hot air dispersion mode could archive a better effect.

7.How long is DurkeeSox air duct product clean and maintenance period?

DurkeeSox clean & maintenance period is variable depends on air dispersion mode, application environmental cleanness requirement, AHU's filter grade, etc factors. Normally recommended maintenance period is every 3 months for refrigeration and food processing applications with clean requirement; For commercial and public places 6 months or a year; for industry facilities and large gymnasium, etc normally takes 1 to 3 years period. In long time serious pollution environment, the color of fabric may becomes darker after washing.

8.How much is the friction factor of DurkeeSox system? Does DurkeeSox has the large system resistance? Are there any additional requirements on air volume or air pressure of AHU?

DurkeeSox system friction factor is less than 0.024, similar to metal duct, but in practical applications, friction resistance of DurkeeSox system is much less than conventional ducts, due to mostly in round shape, lower average air velocity especially at the middle and end part. For simple straight duct, the system resistance is less than static pressure regain, so the friction resistance could be ignored. For complicated ductwork, the system resistance is only 1/3-1/5 of traditional duct. Thus pressure of traditional air duct is enough for DurkeeSox system. DurkeeSox system could design fabric permeability and orifices to guarantee the designed air supplying volume without any additional requirements on AHU.

9.Will DurkeeSox system generates noise? How's the noise absorption effect ?

DurkeeSox system does not generate noise and transmit resonance during operating. Pleaser refer to DurkeeSox detailed technical manual. Noise absorption effect depends on different equipments and environment, it could not replace the absorber of AHUs system, although part of noise could be absorbed.

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