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General fittings


Generally, use single layer or double layer inlet to cover outlet
of metal duct, fixed with belt, riveted.
Nanosox employs double layer inlet, only fixes the inside layer,
the outer layer is used to cover up and easy to remove for washing.

Laminsox uses single layer inlet.


Nanosox uses end cap, joins with duct by zipper, easier to
change for washing or extend in the length direction .

Laminsox employs fixed end, to seam at the end becoming a part
of duct.


Join among straight duct, fittings, and components, similar to
conventional used flange.
Nanosox uses concealed zipper, covered by sleeve from outside.

Laminsox uses common zipper.

Standard centerline radius is 1.5 x Dia.
The elbow consists of multiple gores, different curve
angles per application requirement.
Connect ducts with different diameter
Bottom flat: more aesthetic
Concentrate: better airflow
Top flat: easier to install
Deliver the airflow to branch ducts which are
perpendicular to main duct. Connected by
Special fittings
Connect two outlets of AHU to one duct.
Square to round inlet-SR
Connect square metal duct to round fabric duct.
Elbow inlet-IE
Connect fabric duct inlet with elbows.
T-connection inlet-IT
Connect fabric duct inlet with T-connection.
Bevel end-BC
Disperse air in bevel end of duct,Specialized for individual case.
Transition slbow-EV
Connect elbows in different diameter.
Bevel transition-BV
Connect uneven ducts with different diameters.
Functional fittings
Tension ring t-TW
For supporting use, fixed inside duct to produce aesthetic appearance. applied to upright elbows, etc special occasions.
Expansion segment-ES
Connected between two sections, Fold one end in airflow direction, fixed by hasp from outside, contributing to certain flexibility in length.
Wall pass through-TR
A component to resolve through wall problem, employs tension ring and certain length of duct to fix in the hole of wall and seal the gap between.
PAD-pressure adjustment device
Connected to DurkeeSox system by concealed heavy-duty zipper, Specially applied to balance air pressure in system. PAD is patent protected. DurkeeSox owns this product patent.
ACD-airflow control device
An airflow control device specialized for DurkeeSox system, used to balance airflow before branch ducts, served as conventional air valve. The same, ACD is patent protected, DurkeeSox own its patent.
FAF-fabric air filter
FAF( fabric air filter) is an unique component introduced in the system to improve IAQ and efficiently prolong system clean and maintenance period.
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