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No essential difference between design of DurkeeSox system and traditional metal duct sox system. Designer could make the layout design according to Durkeesox owned specialized software :isox-design. Meanwhile, Durkeesox engineering technology center is also ready to do the design work professionally for you.

Design system


System layout

■ General location layout
★low space location layout: make ductwork layout along wall ,beam ,pole, to save space and improve aesthetics.
★High and large space layout: To match return air, use straight duct as possible to improve indoor air distribution.

■ General location aesthetics design
★The relation between duct diameter and aesthetics at different installation height: Generally, the applicable duct diameter is larger when the installation is higher to reach a perfect combination of aesthetics and effect.
★Arc, closed design: The layout could be in arc, or closed round, Oval to match with architecture style for both more aesthetic appearance and uniform air dispersion. Arc, closed design: The layout could be in arc, or closed round, Oval to match with architecture style for both more aesthetic appearance and uniform air dispersion.
★Design to match with decoration: mount half-round or Quarter-round duct against ceiling, or open a groove on suspended ceiling, then put DurkeeSox duct inside. For meshed Suspended ceiling, just mount ductwork above it.

■ Special case design
Temporary location design: Considering easy installation and dismantlement, track installation is mostly applied. To take reuse into account, maintain the same duct diameter and duct length as possible.

Anti-condensation design: lay out the ductwork along glass curtain or specially mount one or more ducts to easy-condensation area.

Dimension selection

Because DurkeeSox fabric air ducting system diameter selection is related to air velocity, static pressure in duct, when static pressure does not match air velocity in duct, the duct might turbulence to affect actual air dispersion effect. Below shown is the schematic of the relation among pressure, turbulence and air velocity we got through experiment.

From the schematic, we could find when the air velocity is bigger, static pressure become smaller, the turbulence will be increasing.(darker the color, bigger the turbulence),it is for sure that turbulence is related to the ratio of air velocity to static pressure in duct, the bigger the ratio is , the bigger the turbulence is. What is more, high air velocity could increase noise from system.

DurkeeSox system diameter takes inch as spec unit, 6"-72",classified by every 2 inches, the duct diameter is determined according to air volume and system inlet air velocity.

Calculation equation: g = 3600v·л·D2 /4

Where g: air volume per duct system,v:System inlet air velocity,
D: system duct diameter

DurkeeSox system inlet air velocity: to avoid system inlet turbulence and
negative pressure, etc.



Air pressure design

Pressure in DurkeeSox system consists of static pressure, velocity pressure and resistance loss, the direct relation of static pressure regain and resistance loss plays a key role. In most cases, static pressure regain is more than frictional resistance loss in a straight duct.

End static pressure=inlet static pressure+ static pressure regain-pressure loss(Pr=Ps+Prs-Pz), the average pressure is the average of inlet static pressure and end static pressure. The principle is shown in below schematic.

Based on abundant engineering experience , we believe that when pressure difference is less than 10% of inlet static pressure, airflow along the duct is uniform. On the contrary, PAD pressure adjustment device shall be installed to balance the pressure in duct. Shown in below schematic, after balance, maximum pressure difference is in 0.1 w.g., less than 10% of inlet static pressure.

Inlet pressure of complicated system with multi ducts is according to resistance calculation of least favorable loop, meanwhile, consider air dispersion pressure, frictional and local pressure loss from main duct , branch duct.

Air dispersion design

Employ DurkeeSox patented design software specialized for fabric air dispersion system to make the detailed design,that is , to determine permeability of fabric, type, dimension, quantity, and direction of orifice or nozzle, which is made by Durkeesox engineering technology center.

1、According to cross section of height design, we determine air throw and controlled area.
Generally, we take the middle line of 2 adjacent ducts as the boundary, according to uniform layout principle. Based on actual project situation, in light of air volume from each duct and layout, divide the whole area, try to uniformly distribute the air volume as possible.

2、Determine orifices direction
According to divided area, specify the direction of orifices and determine the number of orifice rows .

3、According to airflow capacity, determine permeated air volume and air volume by orifices.

4、Determine size and rows of orifice
Generally,design is completed by the patented specialized software---isox-manufactory, and inputted into automatic production line for manufacturing.
Cable suspension system
Installation of DurkeeSox system is much easier than any conventional air duct system, which consists of 2 styles: cable suspension system and Aluminum track suspension system.
Use DurkeeSox special cable and track installation will contribute to more aesthetic style.
Cable suspension system
Cable suspension system is more popular due to convenient installation and low cost. Which can be divided as following: By material: galvanized cable, stainless cable By load capacity: ordinary cable, heavy duty cable By rows of cables: single row, double rows, multi rows By suspension direction: 12:00(single row), 2:00 &10:00 or 3:00 & 9:00 (double rows)
Aluminum Track suspension system
Classified as flush mount track and H-track
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