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Regular cleaning and maintenance can improve the performance of DurkeeSox fabric air ducting system and guarantee the good indoor air quality and optimum air dispersion, different air dispersion model and working environment (dust capacity) decide the different period of cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance Period Description

NS air dispersion mode of large permeability is normally applied in this kind of places, long term effective daily maintenance is very important. If without reasonable washing & maintenance, system service lifetime will be reduced. Based on different working condition, we suggest the washing of our ductwork every three months.

The followings are the advised maintenance period of general situation.

1 DurkeeSox®—EJ   100% Eject without Permeation.

Made of non-permeable fabric, and usually installed in higher space, so system cleaning and maintenance requirement is not an immediate concern. According to the different work environment requirements, general we suggest the cleaning period is three to five years.

2 DurkeeSox®—PE   Permeation with Injection

Made of micro permeable fabric, most of airflow is distributed through orifices; fabric blockage is not our direct concern. Additional, the system is usually installed in higher space, According to different working status, general advised cleaning period is two to three years.

3 DurkeeSox®—PS   Permeation with Slots

Made of various permeation fabrics, part of airflow is distributed through fabric, and the system usually installed in lower space, so when it is discovered that fabric is seriously dusty and worked under lower efficiency, or there is obvious dust on the system surface, we need to clean system. According to different working conditions, general advised cleaning period is one to two years. In the cases of extreme dirty, the fabric may happen discolored as the cleaning.

4 DurkeeSox®—PM   100% Permeation

Usually are applied in refrigerated, cooling system such as food processing, regular and effective maintenance is particular important. If the systems operating in dirty or soiled or long time without maintenance, it may results permeability failure or less life of system, According to the different working conditions, general advised cleaning period is better every 3 months to a half year. When cleaning and maintenance, dismantle every part from suspension system and then get rid of the dusty from the surface and washing with a general washing machine.

DurkeeSox Maintenance Procedures & Instruction

1 Dismantle DurkeeSox® fabric ducts.

1.1 Firstly plan laundering time, making laundering schedule according to the drawing and jobsite situation.
1.2 After confirm the laundering schedule, arrange workers and tools which use for take off ducts. Checking the location and remove procedures of each DurkeeSox fabric air duct according to the drawing, remember to mark as correctly for all the ducts to avoid missing parts or wrongly installation.
1.3 Confirm AHUs turned off and DurkeeSox fabric duct is on the non-work state. Clear away for some sharp objects below or take the proper protection to avoid any potential damage to DurkeeSox fabric air ducts while removing.
1.4 Check the location of each zipper connection, from the inlet (The join part between metal ducts with DurkeeSox duct) to turn the zipper cover-up sleeve out and unfasten zipper, then retract fabric duct till to the next zipper unfastened to remove this part together, make the proper marks please! When take down to the end part please loosen the fixed snap clip and remove them together with endcap.
1.5 According to the above procedures, remove and wash ducts step by step as the laundering schedule.

2 Laundering Instruction:

2.1 Turn the dirty side out, soak in cold water 15 to 30 minutes without any softener;
2.2 Cold water washing (water temperature should less than 35℃), do not overexert to wrest.
2.3 Rinse thoroughly, and drip-dry or dry by airing in the shade, do not insolate to avoid any
crimple or shrinkage by high temperature.
2.4 Serious dirty system might needs to clean more than once.
2.5 The laundering eligible standard is: surface clean without dusts, the accessories of zipper, hanger, etc are in good condition.
2.6 Big project maybe needs separate one maintenance to several laundering times, once
finished one part, please carefully inspect and confirm the quantity according to the drawing, avoid missing laundering and losing!

3 Installation after washing.

3.1 Indentify all marks or labels of washed ducts according to the drawing.
3.2 Find out the DurkeeSox fabric ducts which need to install, hang the snap clip of ducts from the first section to the end section one by one, please to avoid any barrier to clamp snap.
3.3 Connected by zipper for each section as the correct order. To make sure all zippers covered by protection sleeve.
3.4 Straight the DurkeeSox system after installation and fixed the snap clip to the end part of to avoid fabric duct draw back.
3.5 Inspect the whole DurkeeSox system is straight and neat without damaged before starting work.  


1. To make laundering schedule do not take influence to owner’s normal working.
2. Please refer to actually situation If any discrepancies between the drawing and actual situation.
3. Please pay attention to ducts labels on the site of each zipper connection.
4. The above methods are applied for the galvanized cable suspension, For the aluminum track suspension model is just slide out & into the end of DurkeeSox system will be ok!
5. We suggest DurkeeSox detergent for exclusive use.
6. For extremely dirty, it would be possible for little color change deepen during the laundering, we suggest to add M-efficiency diffuser or DurkeeSox fabric diffuser.

DurkeeSox system Storage Method

Please properly storage for DurkeeSox system in case of does not use for a long time to ensure the cleanness and extend the lifecycle of DurkeeSox system.

1 after stop using, Firstly to confirm whether the both inside & outside of DurkeeSox is clean, or launder it if necessary. (Please refer to the above laundering method).
2 Please remove DurkeeSox system as the procedures above. Please copy the marked drawing and save in the package.
3 Please pack & seal the removed ducts in time, and affix to instruction mark for the convenience of future installation.
4 Please count record in time to avoid lost after removed & packed DurkeeSox system.
5 please keep DurkeeSox in the dry & ventilation environment.
6 Recheck DurkeeSox system before remove & preserve, check whether the surface of DurkeeSox is in good condition.

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