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Durkeesox Asian Distributor Conference



Durkeesox hosted the 3rd annual Asian distributor conference on Apr.7th, 2015.The conference was held at the Ramada plaza, pudong, Shanghai. The purpose of the conference was to get all Asian distributors together to share them Durkeesox new dynamics and to award excellent distributors.

Conference Report

Cecily Wang, served as the marketing specialist opened the conference by welcoming all participants.


Melly Wang, director of international sales &marketing department, gave a presentation on review of 2014 and prospect of 2015. At the beginning, she made a quick but thorough review of the sales performance in different regions of Asia and marketing activities, then a detailed analysis about plan and strategy to achieve the goal were shared.


Kingtell Ma, sales executive, Chief Representative of India, presented Durkeesox competition strategy. His presentation detailed Durkeesox advantages and tactics for project in different industries.  


David Lu, Sales of Korea and Japan market, talked about Durkeesox new products in 2014-2015. He generally outlined generations of fabric air dispersion duct, then went on to release the fifth generation of Durkeesox innovative duct---URR system.


Jeff Liu, sales executive, Chief Representative of Malaysia office, spoke on Durkeesox distributor support strategy.


The conference concluded with distributor award ceremony. "Durkeesox 5 stars in 2014"were awarded to appreciate their outstanding performance in the past year.


We would like to take this chance to thank all the participants!

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