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DurkeeSox attended the 16th National HVAC/R Annual Meeting


DurkeeSox@ (Shanghai) Air Dispersion System was invited to attend the 16th National HVAC/R Annual Meeting which was held in Chongqing International Conference & Exhibition center from Nov. 4th-7th, 2008. The Annual Meeting is held every two years. As the only representative of fabric air dispersion industry, DurkeeSox@ made a presentation of ¡°Air conditioning system design of Olympic Buildings¡± in the morning of 6th in the conference, and Mr. Ye Wenmeng, vice General Manager of DurkeeSox@explainedDurkeeSox air dispersion system slides to the people at the meeting and made detailed technical specification of applications of DurkeeSox@ air dispersion system in Beijing Olympic Main Dinning Room and 22 TOP (The Olympic Partner) Reception Halls. DurkeeSox@ air dispersion system aroused the experts¡¯ interest at the meeting with even airflow, energy-saving, aesthetic appearance, quick installation, easy for dismantle, etc. superior performance and plenty of application photos of Beijing Olympic.

DurkeeSox@ again spoke with the most convincing technology and strength and became the biggest winner in fabric air dispersion system with application in Olympic Dinning Room and 20 more reception centers. What¡¯s most important, DurkeeSox@ did our share for Beijing Olympic construction with high quality product and perfect service.

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